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A Fence Contractor in Galveston County


Ornamental,Steel,Aluminum & Vinyl Fencing

 We are a Small Business here in Galveston County and have been building Fences for 15yrs and can handle any type of Fence you need and would love to do business with you we Guarantee Professional Work.


Commercial & Residential Chain-Link

We have a competitive Price Compared to Local Competing Business Owners and can build you a 4' Tall Chain-link Fence up to a 12' Tall Chain-link Fence we Offer Black Vinyl, Green Vinyl and White Vinyl Chain-link Fence Please contact us for a free quote today (409) 392-2240  UA-143917209-1 


Cedar, Pine, Redwood and Cypress Picket Fencing

We can build you any type of wood Fencing from standard Fence to custom Fence  4', 5', 6', 8',9' Tall Wood Fence, Cap & Trim, batten board Fence any type of wood Fence Please Contact us for a quote (409) 392-2240. googled0a59da3404b45dc.html

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To get an estimate, please contact us by filling in the boxes to your Left.  We look forward to doing Business with you. To get a quicker response Call or Text 409-392-2240. We Accept Cash, Check or any Major Credit Cards. Also you can see below we are on Google Maps.


1428 14th St N, Texas City, TX 7759 0, US

(409) 392-2240


Monday -Sunday: Open 7am - 8pm.